10 Tips When Travelling to France

Many people around the world desire to visit France at least once in their lifetime. France is a beautiful country and more importantly associated with romance. If you are looking forward to visiting this country, there are a few tips you should know. These tips will make your trip more enjoyable and less confused. Below is a summary of ten essential tips when traveling to France.


Learn a little about the French fashion



Carry with you some versatile and stylish clothes. The French dress simply and effortlessly. As a tourist, your primary goal is to blend in with the local people and not stand out. For ladies, it is advisable to have a scarf which makes your entire outfit look classy.


Learn a few French phrases


Before you travel to France, learn some basic French words. This could include greeting, ordering a cup of coffee and saying thank you. Sign up for French online classes or hire a professional tutor. The French people appreciate it when tourists attempt to speak their language. It is a sign that you are interested in their culture.


Carry some cash with you


Not all stores in France accept credit cards as a form of payment. It is essential for you to have some money in hand at all times in case you find yourself in such a situation. Additionally, in some shops, you can only use a credit card after spending a particular amount of money.


Carry your ID at all times


Every individual in France is required by the law to carry their ID with them. A driver’s license will not suffice. Therefore, ensure that you have your passport with you at all times.


Pack some comfortable shoes


When in France, you should expect to walk around a lot. A comfy pair of shoes will save you the pain of walking on the cobbled streets in heels. Walking will also give you a better opportunity to view different parts of the country and iconic buildings.


Drink the local wine


If you are looking to experience the best of France, enjoy their local wine as you eat their meals. You will appreciate the different types of wine produced in this country.


For the best foods, visit the local markets


The local French farmers market will provide you with fresh and delicious meals. Buying food here will save you some good amount of cash compared to the supermarket.


Ride a bicycle


Riding bikes in France is quite popular. It is an excellent way to move from one area to another. If you are traveling alone, riding will give you the perfect opportunity to make new friends. It is also way cheaper compared to using trains.


Check the weather


Before you pack for your travel, check the weather forecast in France. This will allow you to pack appropriately depending on the weather. In the summer, Paris is usually hot, which means you need to pack light and colored clothing.


Enjoy every moment


The French have incredible cuisines. While in this country, try to eat the local delicacies as much as possible. Do not forget to carry your camera and take beautiful photos in the lavender fields. Lastly, enjoy the beauty of France and savor the moment.


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